VAPOR HYPERLITE Chest Protector Senior

VAPOR HYPERLITE Chest Protector Senior


599,99 IN_STOCK
599,99 IN_STOCK
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With new FUSED COMP foam in the arms, offers elite level protection without slowing down mobility. Kill rebounds in the sternum with a new foam that absorbs impacts called Rebound Control Foam. Better coverage than the 2XPRO chest, but more balanced. Features the added adjustability from Supreme, new shoulder caps and an all-new improved protection called FUSEDCOMP. It’s as light as the 2XPRO and has much better balance on the body with an all new harness.


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VAPOR HYPERLITE Chest Protector Senior

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Материал подкладки
Comfort mesh (Breathable)
Защита грудной клетки
SHOCKLITE + Rebound Control Foam
Защита позвоночника
THERMO CORE with new stability harness + Pant connection strap
Щиток для защиты живота
SHOCK-LITE / Dual Collar Adjust / SHOCK-LITE PRO / SHOCKLITE + Rebound Control Foam
Lace adjust length -2 / New elbow shape plus HYPERSENSE LINER and SHOCKLITE / Dynamic 3Point Flex featuring CURV / FUSED COMP WITH CURV / Comfort edge with overlap wrist protection
Свободного кроя