VAPOR 2X PRO Skate Senior
VAPOR 2X PRO Skate Senior
VAPOR 2X PRO Skate Senior
VAPOR 2X PRO Skate Senior
VAPOR 2X PRO Skate Senior
VAPOR 2X PRO Skate Senior


949,99 IN_STOCK
949,99 IN_STOCK
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The Vapor 2X Pro Skate is built with our new DYNAFLEX ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE SYSTEM. The Asymmetrical Toe Cap was assembled using the profile of 25 000 player scans and it is optimized to enhance your push-off on every stride. The Integrated Injected Facing supports your foot and gives you more control over the skate. The asymmetrical quarter provides increased medial support for agility and quickness. A 3D-lasted CARBON CURV Composite boot construction delivers max ankle/heel support while the Recoil PRO dual injected tongue offers additional flex, protection, and comfort. An all-new Aerofoam PRO delivers premium thermoformability, enhanced comfort and improved fit. LS5 Steel with a softer core provides the sharpest edge for turns. Every element of this skate works together to offer ultimate performance and our most premium technology every time you step on the ice.


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VAPOR 2X PRO Skate Senior

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Новые функции
DYNAFLEX SYSTEM, Asymmetrical toe cap, Integrated injected facing, Recoil PRO tongue
6-12 full and half / Fit 1, Fit 2, Fit 3
Конструкция Quarter Package
3-D lasted Carbon Curv® Composite Quarter with X-rib pattern and Comfort Edge padding
Материал подкладки
LOCK-FIT PRO liner with Embossed Details
Передняя часть
Integrated Injected Facing
Защита лодыжки
Aero Foam PRO memory Foam
Конструкция языка
Recoil PRO Tongue - Molded Felt tongue with Dual injected metatarsal guard
Dynamic Flex Footbed
Anafform upper
Vented Composite
Стакан (держатель для лезвия)
TUUK LS5 carbon coated stainless steel